Requirements for a Master

Taking a postgraduate study is no longer an optional issue, it is almost mandatory in some areas due to the competitiveness of the market.

A study on employability published by the EAE Business School in Spain notes that the rate of unemployment among those who complete a Master is around 8% compared to 13.7% of those with a university degree or 26.6% of the total national population.


The main requirement to access a Master’s degree is to have an official university degree.

It can be Spanish or another issued by a higher education institution belonging to a State that is part of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

If the student comes from a nonEU country with which there is no international agreement, approval or official recognition of the studies taken by means of a request to the competent Ministry will be necessary.

The other requirements will depend on the prestige level of the center you wish to access. Among the most common are

Application for admission.

It is advisable to start this process as far in advance as possible.

Attention must be paid to both the application and the documents that must be attached, as the centers carry out the first screen at this point.

The most prestigious centers may request one or several letters of recommendation from the university professors of the center where the university course was taken.

Level of languages

Another requirement that is normally required is the knowledge of a second language.

English is the most requested language and the most common certificates to prove knowledge of the language are the TOEFL and the IELTS.

In case of not having any accredited degree in English, the center can take a level test. In centers such as Esade, the knowledge of a second additional language is already valued.

Capacity tests

There are centers that carry out tests to verify that the candidate possesses the minimum knowledge on the base material of the program.

Schools such as EOI, Business School or the Institute of Stock Market Studies have adopted the ADEN test. This test, which can be done online or in person, is aimed at national students and Spanishspeaking students. Its duration is about two hours and consists of four parts: verbal and numerical reasoning, personality, skills and professional style and language level.


Another capacity test that is requested is the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test).

It is an international standard test that measures the ability to relate verbal and numerical information. This test is also divided into four parts and is done in English.

Work experience

Some programs in the technical area and many of the MBAs require the applicant to have a work experience of between one and three years, such as IE and ESADE. In the IESE MBA, at least five years of experience are required.

Personal interview

It is usually the filter most used by schools to select their students.

In these interviews, the selectors usually review the academic trajectory and the work experience of the student.

It usually lasts about 45 minutes and the interviewer takes the opportunity to discover if the candidate can join the program and explains what is expected of the future students.

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